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From its businesses along Woodward and unique downtown shopping and nightlife, to its quiet, cozy neighborhoods and nine community parks, this little community has earned a "Cool City" designation from the state.


Right Moves for Seniors

Right Moves for Seniors Has the Right Stuff for Mom's Stuff

Moving is one of the top five most stressful life events no matter how old you are. But for senior citizens who have spent decades in the same house where they raised their family and collected a lifetime's worth of stuff, moving can be outright traumatic. That's where Linda Hiller Novak and Carolyn Stieger come in.

Patient Grant Anderson with Nabil Ansara (DJ Sandman) in the control room

The D-MAN Foundation Improves Quality of Life Through Music

The D-MAN Foundation improves the quality of life for people with traumatic head injuries, spinal injuries, cerebral palsy, and other diseases that affect the nervous system and impair movement. This is done through their music therapy program, offered at their one-of-a-kind hands-free music therapy studio in Berkley.


A Dozen Game-Changing Buildings in Metro Detroit

Architecture can catalyze a neighborhood or change the way we think about our community. It can be inspiring, iconic, or even controversial. So which buildings rate as game-changers in Metro Detroit? We asked a quartet of prominent local architects to select twelve buildings worth paying attention to.


The New Old Vinsetta Garage

Mac & cheese with that fill up? Not quite. Vinsetta Garage may be the latest Metro Detroit culinary hot spot but it's also a triumph of repurposing and redevelopment. From 1900s service station to hip eatery, this Berkely rebuild demonstrates how a vintage building can become a modern neighborhood destination.

John D owner Eddie Farah - Photo by Irakly Shanidze

A Feast for the Eyes

The restaurant scene in Oakland County is on an unprecedented upswing, with a flurry of new restaurant openings since the start of 2012 that shows no sign of slowing. But what sets these restaurants apart from the crowd is a whole new interior design precedence: restaurateurs are now paying as much attention to design and décor as they do to the menus and staff, and Oakland County is paving the way for a whole new restaurant design aesthetic in metro Detroit.
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